Proving My Love

I love my kids. And I love my husband. I’d like to go on the record. I love them very much. Sorry everybody else who is not lucky enough to be counted as a Kermobinson. You’re missing out.

I’m not too good at telling the world about my love though. Even when writing this little blog, I do try to keep my family at arm’s length (while still mining their lives for subject matter). I don’t share too many pictures or daily vignettes. And believe me, I AM NOT KNOCKING THOSE WHO DO! Promise! I like being able to share in others’ happiness and do not begrudge folks theirs because I feel it too!

All of the clichés are true for me too…well, many of them anyhow. I identify more with stories of parents in hardship and in joy. It’s easier for me to empathize with folks who also love their kids. And I do want to share some of that love with the world. But I think (and rightly so?) that my love for my family is a given. I hope that it’s clear to people who meet me that I think my kids are some of the greatest in the world. Maybe I should work to make it clearer in real life since I don’t show it too much on the internet.

I know that I do sometimes roll my eyes at my kids (and my husband) and downplay their cuteness and all around awesomeness when others pay them compliments. Maybe I will start agreeing with folks instead of awkwardly shrugging.

I’ll have a little practice here so that when all that remains of this world is the internet…there will be a record of my affection for my family.

They are the lights of my life.

My heart is often full with love for them.

They can be annoying, but I can feel my love for them many times in a day.

I’m glad that we get to share a life together.

So there it is. Just for posterity.

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