The Tale of 2 Buckets (One for Patience & One for B.S.)

Another day dawns, sunny and bright! Birds are chirping, coffee is brewing and YOU…feel rested! It’s a dag gum miracle. Since you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you feel like you’re starting the day fresh. Ahh. Your two buckets are just as they should be at the start of the day: one is filled with patience and one is empty of the B.S. that was collected in it the day before. The object of today: don’t end up with an empty patience bucket and a full B.S. bucket. patience & bs buckets

As one empties, the other fills. And if the end of the day finds you without any patience left and having had your fill of B.S., then the overflow from the yuck bucket will spill into the rest of your life. Your partner will feel it when they come home a little late. Your kids will feel it when they squabble over who can have the purple crayon. Your dog will feel it when she needs to go out while you’re in the middle of making dinner.

It’s a difficult thing to protect your daily amount of patience (which depending on the day, can start lower than we’d like). I’m not sure of the secret for making new patience throughout the day. My best bet at maintaining my patience is overestimating how long I will need it. I try to meter it so that it will last beyond my daughter going to bed, not just until my husband gets home. I attempt to conserve my patience so that I can do just about everything if I am called upon to do so. I find that if I am counting on relief and don’t get it, whatever is left in my patience bucket evaporates and my B.S. bucket quickly overflows (what a mess!).

It is difficult too to predict what trials and headaches will present themselves during your day to test your patience and raise your B.S. levels. Again, I don’t know how to keep one on the rise and the other at bay.  My thought is to keep an eye on how full each of your buckets is. It’s better to be aware of what’s coming than to be surprised when you reach the end of your patience bucket all of a sudden. Try to keep a little in reserve each day. And if you figure out how to turn B.S. into roses and rainbows, please let me know. I’d love to have the recipe.

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